Stuff It! for Christmas – an upcycled doll skirt

Stuff It! For Christmas continues with another tutorial for the 18” doll. I have girls. We have dolls. This is what we do.

I love hand-me-downs. We have gotten them from my niece who is 3 years older than my oldest. After she wears them, they get passed down the line, through all of her sisters. After we’re finished with them, we pass them on to a little friend, although not all clothes make it that far down the line. You know how jeans look after a while. Holey knees stop the handing down dead. I always hated to throw those jeans away. Here’s a way to keep them alive. Turn your holey jeans into a skirt for your dollys. This is an upcycle tutorial.

This is so simple. You are going to cut the end of a jeans leg and turn it into a skirt. Decide how long you want your skirt to be. I cut this one 8” long. Since my girls are getting bigger and their jeans are getting bigger, this skirt turned out a little wider than I would like. It will look much better with smaller jeans.

What you need:

1 pair of jeans

A 9” long piece of ¼” wide elastic per skirt.

Get going:

So, cut your leg off.

Turn the leg inside out.

Turn the raw edge of the leg down ¼”. Press.

Turn that edge down another ½”. Press. We’re making casing for elastic.

Stitch around the folded edge of the leg, 3/8” from the edge, leaving a 2” opening.

Place a safety pin on the end of the elastic.

Pin the other end to the skirt so it won’t get pulled into the casing.

Push the safety pin through the casing until it comes out the other side.

Stitch the 2 ends of the elastic together.

Let them slide into the casing and stitch the opening closed.

That’s it! You’re finished.

Now, you can customize this skirt in many ways.

  • Use some khakis instead.
  • Applique on the leg, or better yet, use legs that are already appliqued.
  • Sew a ruffle on the bottom. I now have a ruffle tutorial for this skirt here.
  • Sew a bias binding around the bottom edge.
  • Use a shirt sleeve like the banded t-shirt sleeve.

I’d love to see what you come up with. Join the Pattern Patti flickr group and show off your creations.

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3 responses to “Stuff It! for Christmas – an upcycled doll skirt

  1. Hi Cindy,
    Cute idea! Check out my blog in the Back-to-school Outfit” post and I show a very simular idea! Great crafty minds think alike!

  2. Linda

    I love this, could you please email me instructions on how to make the ruffle please?


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