Boo! and a little pattern update

Well, happy Halloween to you all. Trick-or-Treating? We’ll be heading out tonight. I’m hoping that the kids score a lot of chocolate, enough that they lose count and don’t realize that its dwindling as I pilfer over the next few days.  Finger’s crossed!

Now, because of this….

and this…

I’ve made changes to this…

and this.

Those silly folks over at Apple keep adding products and changing sizes. So, to keep up with them, I’ve added measurements to my existing patterns for the iPad Sleeve and iPhone Case to accommodate the iPad Mini and iPhone 5. I’m pretty excited about the iPad Mini. I could be talked into carrying one of those around. I wonder if Santa reads my blog. Be sure and visit my Etsy shop to find these and other patterns.



p.s.  If any of you have purchased either of these patterns from me on Etsy, comment on this post with your email address and I’ll send an updated file to you. Peace!


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2 responses to “Boo! and a little pattern update

  1. Deanna

    Hi! I bought the iPad Sleeve pattern from you. Thanks in advance for the update! Happy Halloween! Deanna

  2. Sheila Suguitan

    Bought the patterns from you sometime ago. Thanks!

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